More people, more fun

How many people can you fit in our apartments? The maximum capacity of the whole block, including those extra beds, is 20 guests, which means 5 people in each of the four apartments. As soon as you step through the entrance door, everything is clear to you- 4 apartments, 2 on each floor. This option offers not only privacy for each family, but also the opportunity to be together when you want to. Kids can be running around between apartments and discuss daily experiences, but not to lie, also play games on their phones or tablets together.

Adults have the opportunity to get together also, either at someone’s apartment or at one of those large balconies overlooking the High Tatras and enjoy a chilled beer or a glass of wine. As you can from the pictures, the apartments are really spacious with lots of room, not some small rooms.

4 separate apartments in one block
4 separate apartments with a large garden

What else to visit if not the mountains?

In addition to the High Tatras, you have many other interesting places in the area to see, such as Spiš Castle or the town of Levoča. Speaking of interesting places, have you seen the well-known altar of Master Paul of Levoča? Or the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Articular Church in Kežmarok? Whether you are a frequent visitor of monuments and churches or not, it doesn’t matter. This church is really beautiful and you will be talking about it to your neighbours at home.

If you are looking for a place that can fit more families together, our separate apartments are an ideal choice.

idea Even if you are visiting our mountains with a group of friends, always be very cautious. The current weather conditions can be found on

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