Parking right by the door

Let’s start with the most practical thing. Parking. We have one parking space reserved for each apartment. However, we know from experience that due to the size of our apartments, that you can learn more about here, 2 couples or a larger families often stay at one 2- bedroom apartment. So if you come with more than one car, you can easily use the access road in front of the entrance gate to park the cars there. There are a few houses and lots of free parking, so this is not a problem.

Come by a train, no parking needed
Train station Studeny potok in Velka Lomnica

Getting to us by train or bus is easy

Apartments Friends Tatry are located in the town of Veľká Lomnica. Thanks to this, you can also reach us with a more environmentally friendly alternative, using public transportation. If you come by train, you will find several places in the vicinity from where you can reach us, you can learn more about these places here, but we recommend the city of Poprad as a transfer station. There you will board the train in the direction of Studený potok.

Don’t be fooled by the name, this is a train station right in the town of Veľká Lomnica. It is approximately a 20-30 minute walk from the train stop. If you decide to come by the bus, the procedure is the same, you also transfer in Poprad. So if you choose to travel by train or bus, let us know and we can pick you up at the stop. Helping you is completely natural for us.

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More information about our apartments

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